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Wood Comp 2015: Mentone Arts & Cultural Center

Second year architecture wrapped up the 2015 spring semester with the 49th annual Alabama Forestry Association (AFA) Wood Competition.This year’s competition focused on the design of a new facility for the Mentone Arts and Cultural Center (MACC) in Mentone, Alabama.

View the gallery of student work: Wood Comp 2015

Mentone is a small town with a vibrant community of artists. MACC will support the education, exhibition and performance of art and music in the area. The facility will house art shows, performances, business and educational group meetings as well as serving as the first stop for visiting tourists.

This spring second year students and faculty traveled to Mentone. While in Mentone, Mayor Hammond and the Board of directors of the MACC led a tour of the area. Students visited local landmarks, including Desoto Falls and one of the many campsites that surround Mentone. Students also had the opportunity to visit the site, discuss the project with the director and members of the Mentone Arts and Cultural Center and the design team. 

At the outset of the project, the students participated in an AFA-sponsored tour of a logging operation, Coastal Forest Products, and glu-lam fabrication at Structural Wood Systems.  

The competition, sponsored by the Alabama Forestry Association, was juried by a panel of educators, practitioners,representatives of the AFA, and the board of the Mentone Arts and Cultural Center.  

The jury awarded First Place to Tim Smela and awarded Second Place to Zack Cundey and Sydney Gargiulo.  

Kenneth Fallon, Frank McDaniel, Paul Richardi and Chris Stone were awarded Honorable Mention.

Second year faculty: David Austin, John Dunn, Lida Sease and Justin Miller.