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Winners of the 2014 Marvin Windows Portfolio Competition

Winners of the 2014 Marvin Windows by Dale, Inc. Annual Portfolio Design Competition were announced on Wednesday, February 12. The annual competition is organized by the Architecture Advisory Board to encourage and reward high quality documentation of creative work. Chaired by Nicholas Holt, Technical Director at Skidmore, Owings & Merrill, New York, the jury also included Gregory Walker, partner at Houser Walker Architecture, Atlanta; Beth Lundell Garver, registered architect, designer, and researcher in Boston; Chris Cooper, partner at Cooper Joseph Studio, New York; and Cindy Coyle, partner at ArchitectureWorks, Birmingham.

The jury announced, “There were a record number of entries and the jury found this year’s grouping to be one of the strongest in recent memory. The overall quality of the presentations was admirably consistent.” In addition to choosing and announcing winners, the jury transmitted comments to each student who submitted a digital portfolio.

First Place winner for this year’s competition was Trenton Tepool. According to the jury, “The portfolio presented not only a beautiful display of some very nice work, it demonstrated a high degree of coherence, balance and overall quality of execution. Edited with great precision and capturing what, to the jury, seemed to be the ‘essential’ aspects of each project, the graphic layouts utilized white space, text, and full-page graphic images exceptionally well.” As members of the jury noted, the portfolio is: “A very thoughtful, sensitive composition throughout” and “an inviting portfolio for a professional office to consider.” Though “simple” in its outward appearance, the jury appreciated its actual sophistication.

Second Place was awarded to Alexandra Buehning. The jury noted, “The mix of project types, media, images, and overall storytelling demonstrated in this submission particularly impressed us. Having each project consistently set up with a short narrative explicating the design ideas, concept diagrams, and site information allowed us to quickly and more thoroughly dive into the work shown.” Michael Lewandowski’s Third Place submission “provided a more deeply personal portfolio, both graphically and in content.” The jury continued, “Beautifully and carefully composed, the jury appreciated the level of detail shown throughout, especially in the use of color as a narrative tool across the type and graphics of each project.” Finally, the jury recognized Bruce Buescher’s portfolio for a Special Mention because it “captured the narrative and story of the Rural Studio Greenhouse project, a project that was common to a number of the submissions, with the most clarity, focus and depth.” The jury explained, “As a single project effort among all the portfolios, we found it to be among one of the best and worth having each student take the time to study further.”

The jury reminded students to, “Continue to focus on editing your work, showing only your best efforts and making a strong impression. We look forward to seeing how these will continue to evolve as your careers begin to truly take shape.”

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