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Willkens Awarded 2015 Brooks Traveling Fellowship

Danielle Wilkins

Danielle S. Willkens, PhD, Assoc AIA, FRSA and visiting assistant professor of architecture, has been awarded the prestigious H. Allen Brooks Travelling Fellowship by the Society of Architectural Historians. This $50,000 award allows an emerging scholar to travel anywhere in the world for one year to gain firsthand experience of architecture and landscapes. Willkens, an architectural designer and historian, plans to investigate the impact of tourism and environmental changes on cultural heritage sites and landscapes through the lens of Iceland and the Faore Islands in the Norwegian Sea, Cuba and Japan. To document her journey, Willkens will use multi-modal techniques, including photography, videography, 3D scanning and drawing, and share her discoveries through monthly blog posts on the Society of Architectural Historians’ website. She joined the faculty of the School of Architecture, Planning and Landscape Architecture in fall 2014. Read More