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Vet Comp—Rehabilitation and Long-term Care

Vet Comp

Architecture students participated in a Veterinary Hospital/Clinic and Rehabilitation Center studio project and architecture competition. The architecture studio project was sponsored by Dr. Phillip D. Hajek, an orthopedic surgeon and Auburn graduate with a strong interest in developing a rehabilitation facility for dogs with orthopedic needs. Taught by architecture professors Mary English, Scott Finn and Rebecca O’Neal Dagg, third-year architecture students and visiting students from Istanbul Technical University designed variations of a rehabilitation and long term care facility for dogs on a speculative trial site near Auburn’s College of Veterinary Medicine (CVM).

CADC Dean Vini Nathan and CVM Dean Calvin Johnson collaborated to provide an opportunity for the architecture students to tour the new CVM facilities. Architecture students and faculty received detailed tours of the new veterinary care and research facilities from Dr. William Brawner, Ware Distinguished Professor, Radiology Section, in the Department of Clinical Sciences.These tours provided a strong foundation of knowledge for the students, encouraging the design of a veterinary care facility that was simultaneously realistic and progressive. At the project launch, the studio participants met with Mark Tinsley, an architect and Auburn alumnus who is working on a version of a similarly programmed veterinary rehabilitation facility at Lord Aeck and Sargent in Atlanta with Dr. Hajek. Mr. Tinsley presented a realistic program for the studio project and introduced the project program to the competition jury on October 28, 2015.  A jury of reviewers was chaired by Professor Emily McGlohn from Mississippi State University School of Architecture. The jury reviewed thirteen student finalists selected out of the fifty-one design proposals and then chose winners. John Plaster from McAlpine Tankersley Atlanta, Laura Daniel from Kronberg Wall, and Professor McGlohn were the competition jurors.

Final projects were exhibited at Dudley Hall through November 6. Each student generated four large boards of plans, sections, and other experiential drawings and models of the 40,000+ square foot complex. Earlier in the semester, “pre-final” reviews were held with seven external jurors and nine architecture faculty members. The final and pre-final jurors represented the following firms: Cooper Carry; Kronberg Wall; Lord, Aeck and Sargent; McAlpine Tankersley, Montgomery; McAlpine Tankersley, Atlanta; Seay, Seay and Litchfield; and TVS Atlanta

The student proposals for the Veterinary Hospital/Clinic and Rehabilitation Center architecture explore ideas of designing a building complex to offer services and amenities to assist families with pets being treated by veterinary schools. The support facilities would be amenities to assist researchers, students, faculty, and local communities. Center designs include a complex of interior and exterior program requirements such as patient care rooms, a pet adoption center, and in-patient and out-patient rehabilitation spaces in order to accommodate clients, pets, and researchers/staff. Each student designer was required to generate an overall site scheme including ideas about site sustainability, ecological solutions related to both inside and outside human-made structures, and the immediate context of the occupants.

First place was awarded to ITU exchange student Zeynep Kuheylan. Jurors awarded second place to Frank McDaniel and third place to Tim Smela. Shelby Stanfield, Ozan Sen (ITU), and Corey Thomas received honorable mentions. Finalist awardees included Gabriela Bragan, Mary Gillis, Kree Hayunga. Berke Kalemoglu, Caleb Munson, Qibo Sun, Ward Taliaferro