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Spring 2016 Thesis Student Profiles

This year’s thesis projects for both studios were once again grounded in downtown Montgomery. Professors Randal Vaughn and Behzad Nakhjavan both emphasized the possibilities of architecture to transform a community in need. Although history teaches us that architecture's powers of transformation are limited, one only has to look at projects such as Frank Gehry’s Museum at Bilboa to see how a powerful idea can transform the community in both economic as well as cultural ways.

Projects represented here belong to ordinary ideas with extraordinary impacts.

The images 1-5 belong to Shirley Fung who received the Best Thesis awarded by the invited final review jurors. The project titled “Constructing the Ineffable” aims to dissect the enigmatic characteristics associated with sacred space, and the role Architecture can play in expressing a sense of the sacred.  Like The Latin word ineffabils meaning the impossibility to speak out due to restriction, inadequacy, awkwardness or inability, which was introduced by le Corbusier as something that dwells in a transcendental dimension in which humans have potential to feel but not physically express, Shirley’s thesis as well as research drawings begin to demonstrate that feel.

Images 6,7, and 8 by Kate Lynch of  “A Low income Social Housing Complex” is the winner of the all around best thesis award. This project again attempts to convey the possibility of ordinary housing projects for the lees fortunate among us to have to power to lift the human spirit.  Auburn University has always have had a strong mission to look at subjects not addressed successfully by either profession or academia. This thesis project’s message is to convey the necessities of being inclusive as a design profession.

Images 9-10 belong to an abstract thesis project by Valyn Daconto exploring transferability of issues like “pattern”  to architectural discipline. In this thesis she explores those ideas employing  light and space of a corner building.