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Seed Grants Support APLA Faculty Scholarship

Fort Gaines

Several APLA faculty members received grants from this year’s College of Architecture, Design and Construction’s Seed Grant program. The CADC Seed Grant program provides yearly opportunities for faculty to apply for small grants to initiate new research endeavors and to provide match funding for the Auburn University Intramural Grant Program. The Seed Grant Awards are funded by the CADC’s Dean’s Office and the McWhorter School of Building Science. The following APLA faculty were awarded Seed Grants:

Margaret Fletcher and Rusty Smith received support for their direct pedagogical research related to the teaching of two-dimensional to three-dimensional object representation. The primary purpose of the grant is to provide funds for equipment to support pedagogical efforts that includes: a 3D full color scanner; scanner kit including stand, light, linear laser and calibration toll; and testing materials and supplies.

Charlene LeBleu and Judd Landham will use their Seed Grant to support travel, case-study research, and graphic design and editorial assistance for a definitive reference book about Low Impact Development (LID).

Junshan Liu (Building Science) and Charlene LeBleu’s Seed Grant award funds summer salaries and travel costs for new digital documentation and analysis of Fort Gaines to access any new damage to the fort and to test the new technology of a Leica C-10 High Definition Scanner on historic building/site preservation.

Robert Finkel (Graphic Design)and Sheri Schumacher received Seed Grant support for the creation of the Alabama Workshop[s] toolkit and will involve travel to the 25 artisans across the state who are part of Alabama Workshop[s] to make site visits for the print and online versions of the toolkit.

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