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Rural Studio Soup Roast 2016

RS Soup Roast

Rural Studio marked the end of another wonderful fall semester with the annual Soup Roast celebration.

For the third year in a row, the festivities began on Friday night at Faunsdale Bar and Grill, with some impressive alumni giving PechaKucha-style presentations, lectures from friends, and music from the Grasshopper String Band of Alabama. Presenters included Jersey Devil Jim Adamson, Miriam Gee from Build Lightly Studio, and Jake LaBarre from Miller Hull, as well as the following Rural Studio alumni:

Tim Vaught from Montgomery, Alabama

Craig Peavy from Chattanooga, Tennessee

Amy Jo Holtz Mathys from London, England

Jermaine Washington from San Luis Obispo, California

Lucy Begg from Austin, Texas

Carol Mockbee from Oxford, Mississippi

Matt Finley from Birmingham, Alabama

Hana Loftus from Colchester, England

and Aimee O’Carroll from Seattle, Washington

Attendees included Jackie Mockbee, wife of our co-founder, and Steve Badanes, another wild Jersey Devil.

Notable highlights from the evening were an interpretive dance performed by Jim and Miriam of a Gila Monster pursuing an aborigine; all-around expert and inspiring presentations from Jake and the nine alumni; Hana Loftus joining V.K. Spencer and the string band, producing an enchanting interplay of two violins improvising to a Django Reinhardt song; and the swift disappearance of the third-year students, who scrambled back to Morrisette to complete as much work as possible before their presentations the following morning.

On Saturday morning, the crowd reconvened at Morrisette House for coffee and a look at the Third-year watercolors. Reviewers included all the RS alumni guests, Miriam, Jake, and the Jersey Devils. The third-years conducted a tour of the campus, explaining their three projects: powering the greenhouse and pods with solar panels, as well as evaluating and fixing efficiency problems of the pods; completing a tool closet and work room for our gardener at the Greenhouse; and completing two dogtrots, a wash station, and a screen along the ramp at the Storehouse.

Next, the crowd visited the leftovers: the Fabrication Pavilion team and Lions Park Shade team. Both teams showed their current progress and wooed the audience with the informed and confident presentation demeanor that comes only with being a year-and-a-half into a project.

After lunch, the crowd visited the wood shop and admired the craft of the third-year chairs. After much deliberation, the winner of this semester’s Best Chair Award went to Lauren Barnes and Zoe Gardner for their interpretation of Lina Bo Bardi’s folding chair.

Following the chair review, fifth-year teams presented their projects—-three 20K Houses—for critique.The first presentation was the Demographics team, which focused on creating a house model suitable for the largest variety of family types. Second was the Eco team, showing designs of a 20K House driven by efficiency.The final presentation was by the Income House team, which is designing a house that will provide its inhabitant with the option of renting space or running a small office out of their home.

Presentations were made and projects reviewed and, to the slight disappointment of those in the audience, no tears were shed.

To close the evening, guests returned to Morrisette for chicken noodle and vegetable soups, amazing live music, and barrel fires.