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Re-skinning Dudley

Dudley Renovation Rendering of the courtyard at night

Architect: Stacy Norman Architects
Building Envelopment Consultant: Williamson & Associates
Structural Engineer: LBYD, Inc
Contractor: Rabren General Contractors

Defining the Problem

Dudley Hall first opened for classes in the fall of 1977. Over its nearly forty years of service, the Dudley Complex (Dudley Hall and Dudley Commons) has suffered from a variety of masonry cladding problems. The masonry distress has been caused primarily by movement of the masonry. The lack of vertical brick joints has caused the masonry to create their own paths vertically up the facade to relief the stress. Lifting of the masonry has caused bowing at the corners under the balconies where adequate horizontal expansion joints were not provided.

Efforts to control the cracking over the last two decades have involved a number of temporary measures, along with numerous studies of how best to fix the problems. Stacy Norman Architects began designs for a new facade in 2008, exploring opportunities for opening up the building and allowing for increased daylight into the studios. Norman’s studies used energy analysis modeling to evaluate strategies for improving the performance of the building envelope (built without insulation), and multiple design studies explored daylighting and shading options. At the completion of design development, a proposal for re-cladding the Dudley Complex was reviewed by the College of Architecture, Design and Construction and Facilities Management. A post-recession contraction in funding for projects of this type mandated a delay in implementing the project in 2008. In late 2013, however, the funds required for the project were allocated, and a new design phase was initiated.

The revised design proposal represents a collaboration with the College of Architecture, Design and Construction faculty and Facilities Management to solve the cladding failures while keeping in mind the limited funds for such an endeavor. The renovation currently under construction is scheduled to be completed by the Fall of 2015. Over the next twelve-to-fourteen months, a phased renovation will replace the exterior cladding while the building remains occupied.

The Dudley Hall Exterior Renovation is a complete re-cladding of the original 1974 building including dampproofing the backup wall, adding insulation in the wall cavity, and waterproofing at select areas below grade providing for a complete, new high-performance building envelope. New masonry cladding over the entire facade with new windows and storefront doors are to be installed at each opening over the course of the renovation. Vertical and horizontal control joints will be integrated at the appropriate intervals and locations to allow for movement.

The most dramatic change in the building will be along the north facing courtyard elevation, where the building will be clad from ground to parapet in a glass and aluminum curtain wall system, opening up the studios in that wing to daylight and animating the courtyard by opening up views between the courtyard and the studios. All of the balconies and the deep recess that separate the main blocks of the facades will be clad in composite metal panels and aluminum and glass storefront systems.

The façade work will necessitate removal of the raised brick “tank-traps” in the courtyard. The scope of this project will leave this as a small, level green-space - one ripe for for future design opportunities.

When completed in late 2015, the project will result in a Dudley Hall with a much-improved building envelope, new windows and doors, and a dramatic new feel in the Dudley Courtyard.

Dudley Renovation Exploded Diagrams

Stacy Norman - Principal

Design Team:

Page Ledbetter
Joe McNeill
Brittany Baker
Heather Redrow
Nico Forlenza
Cayce Bean
Casey Smith
April Brown