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Pig Roast and Newbern Library Project Opening

Pig Roast Amphitheatre

The day began atop the Great Hall at Morrisette House. Student watercolors were hung on display, and biscuits and coffee were served as the crowd arrived. The day was beautiful; low humidity and a clear sky. At 9 a.m., the crack of a snare drum sounded, and the rhythm began. Andrew Freear and his drummer boy sidekick corralled the audience, hopped into a baby blue Ford truck, and led a caravan of vehicles to Lions Park. 

Visitors were greeted by a team member perched atop a column blasting a conch shell and were promptly led through the park on a thorough tour conducted by a student decked out in a vibrant and mismatched wind suit. The tour concluded with a brilliant presentation at the Hale County Fisheries Building, where the team convincingly pitched their plan to build a series of shade structures in the park.

The caravan moved onward back toward Newbern. From the bed of Andrew’s truck, Joe Farruggia sounded an air horn signaling their approach to all pedestrians and passing vehicles. Upon return to Morrisette, the audience was shown the new third-year Storehouse, a presentation and mockup for the upcoming Fabrication Pavilion, the Farm, and the Greenhouse, all of which worked together to provide a comprehensive and inspiring image of the future of the Morrisette property.

Lunch was served and gobbled down, and the caravan proceeded onward to Dodge City Road. Here the group was introduced to Geraldine, the next client for the 20K House project. The team presented their plans on site and conducted a walkthrough of the floorplan spray painted on the grass.
Upon leaving Dodge City Road, the caravan was joined by the Newbern Volunteer Fire Department and local smoke master Bobby Scott, towing a smoker emitting a thin grey cloud fragrant of slow-cooked pork.

Back in Newbern, student-built chairs and hand drawings were put on display and at three o’clock, the crowd shuffled over to the site of the old Newbern Bank for the ribbon cutting of the now completed Newbern Library. 

The Newbern Library ribbon cutting was made complete by a heartfelt presentation by the Newbern Library Board, community leaders, project consultants, and the team, as well as bountiful refreshment table prepared by the ladies of Newbern, and an inaugural hymn by the First Baptist Church of Newbern Children’s Choir.

Following the opening, the parade finally settled behind Chantilly. Chip Spencer and his incredibly talented daughter V.K. performed over dinner, and John Peterson of Public Architecture delivered an empowering commencement address. Andrew, as usual, roasted the fifth-year students, and the night ended with a fireworks show and music from the Grasshopper String Band.