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MLA Graduate Success in the Work Place

Graduates of the Master of Landscape Architecture (MLA) program have enjoyed a 90 percent placement ratio over the last five years. During this period, sixty students have graduated from the program. Eight of these graduates undertook the conjoint degree with planning and graduated with a dual master's degrees in Community Planning (MCP and Landscape Architecture (MLA).

Of the total graduate cohort since 2010, thirty were international students from Italy, Vietnam, Ecuador, New Zealand and Nepal, but by far the most have come from China (twenty-four). This new profile (50 percent domestic, 50 percent international) has both helped the program through lean times and increased the vitality of the learning experience for all students.

It is typical of landscape architecture graduates from the Auburn program to seek work far and wide, as the number of firms in Alabama is quite small (about fifteen). Many of our international students, typically those from China, elect to stay and obtain work experience in the U.S. before returning home. Some continue their education, taking PhDs (two) or another masters degree (three). Currently fourteen Chinese MLA graduates are employed or furthering their studies in the U.S.

Domestic students have been particularly successful in gaining placement in the kinds of firms of which they want to be a part. Some students wish to enter the profession as an entry-level landscape architect in a large practice, and enjoy the benefits of specialist roles as members of project teams. Others prefer to join smaller firms and take on the diverse range of responsibilities that this entails.

Cities in which MLA graduates are currently working include:

Chicago, IL

Auburn, AL

New York, NY

Augusta, GA

Miami, FL

Seattle, WA

Birmingham, AL

Atlanta, GA

St Paul, MI

Charlotte, NC

Little Rock, AK

Columbus, OH

Omaha, NB

San Francisco, CA

Washington, DC

Beijing, China

Shanghai, China


Photo: L to R
Beverly Kenner, Commissioner, Keep Columbus Beautiful
Alina Phillips, Planner, city of Columbus, GA, and 2010 AUMLA graduate
Mayor Teresa Tomlinson, city of Columbus, GA