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Dudley Courtyard Designs Unveiled

In case you haven’t had the privilege of hearing firsthand our orchestra of thuds, pounds, and grinds of construction, Dudley Hall has been going through an exterior skin renovation. This project, which began in 2014 and finally finished up last semester, has transformed the interior spaces, adding light and views throughout studios, classrooms, and offices. Alongside these renovations, the design firm of HILLWORKS has been charged to reimagine the Dudley courtyard and the spaces around it. The HILLWORKS team, including our very own associate professor David Hill as well as 2012 MLA alumni Kelly Homan, attempts to take full advantage of the underutilized areas north and south of the traditional courtyard area. The conceptual design proposal expands the Dudley territory to three interrelated spaces: the forecourt, the courtyard, and the allee.

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The northernmost space, affectionately christened the forecourt, is transformed into an animated entry for the Dudley complex as well as an exterior theater space. Housing long-standing events such as Pumpkin Carve and Dog Days, this gathering area centers around a massive screen that is also able to exhibit the fantastic work of the CADC out to the campus.

Moving up the stairs from the theater, the proposed courtyard becomes an intimate space characterized by small gathering areas, moveable chairs, and a rich ground plane of grasses and forbs. A grove of finely textured canopy trees provide dappled shade for the clusters of seating. Two hedges define the space through winter, and steel decking slices through the plantings to provide a direct route across the courtyard.

The western space is characterized by an allee of flowering understory trees stretching from the edge of Dudley Hall, beside a proposed music building addition, and overlooking the Loblolly Pine grove around Grave’s amphitheater. A new café is imagined in the bottom floor of music building addition. Within the allee, stripes of grasses and hedges define a series of smaller rooms for gathering and outdoor dining.

We invite you to join us in our vision of transforming the facilities of Dudley Hall into one deserving of a nationally recognized School of Architecture, Planning and Landscape Architecture. For a limited time, the CADC has the opportunity to combine private support with more than $4 million being made available from Auburn University to transform Dudley Hall. Your giving to the CADC has never had more potential to make a difference in the lives of students and faculty, or advance essential education and outreach programs. Naming opportunities for donors are available. Please contact Dara Hosey at for more information on giving opportunities. And come by Dudley Hall to see the scale model of the Dudley courtyard proposal on display outside the Dean’s office.