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Concrete Comp 2016: Materializing Concrete

Concrete Comp 2016


Third-year Architecture students participated in a semester-long studio project and architecture competition taught by Visiting Professor Shawn Protz, RA, LEED AP BD+C. Informed by a parallel class research project looking in-depth at concrete, students individually designed versions of a hypothetical Auburn University Faculty Club at the corner site of College St and Samford Ave. Students studied the site and interpreted the building program in the context of Auburn University’s mission and tradition, and further, embraced the use of concrete as the primary construction material. The final review for projects was held on 02 December 2016 where 11 students presented their work to a host of guest jurors. Each student was required to produce a project statement, drawings, a physical model, and a concrete casting. Four jurors—two Auburn faculty and two guest faculty—were tasked with judging and selecting winners of the competition.


Justin Miller: Associate Professor, Auburn University/M.Arch. Harvard University Graduate School of Design/B.Arch. Auburn University

Tarik Orgen: Professor, Auburn University/M.Arch. University of Virgina/B.Arch. Academy of Fine Arts, Istanbul

Oscar Lopez: Lecturer, University of Arizona/M.Arch. Arizona State University/B.A. Arizona State University/Space Bureau/Rick Joy Architects/Enric Miralles Benedetta Tagliabue Architects

Christina McMillan: Lecturer, University of Arizona/M.Arch. Princeton University/B.A. Princeton University/Protz Architects/Creative Machines Inc./Estudio Teddy Cruz/Alejandro Zaera Polo Architecture

Criteria & Winners

Students were expected to posit a critical position on concrete and make this argument manifest in the design. They were asked to formulate design proposals from an analysis of local-campus (site), regional (climate), and historical-vernacular contexts. Projects were evaluated for their conceptual stance, approach to using concrete, interpretation of site and program, and clarity of graphics and presentation.


The top three design projects were chosen by the jurors in consideration of all deliverables (Position Statement Pamphlet, Concrete Casting, & Building & Site Design). Jurors selected the winner, Dre Holmes’ Bridging Concrete, for its bold vision of using concrete structurally to establish a strong corner presence and “give the ground space to the public as an area of integration.”

1. Dre Holmes - $1,000
2. Jordan Staples - 500
3. Jed Grant - $250


As an honorable mention, the students selected a colleague in the studio who demonstrated persistence and strong work ethic over the course of the semester:

Matt Giddens - $250