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Auburn Speaks: On Water

Auburn Speaks: On Water cover image

A collection of stories from Auburn University researches relating to the development of new and innovative approaches to water resource issues, and to helping communities at home and abroad capitilize on emerging water-based economic opportiunities.

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Auburn Speaks: On Water (2013) can be ordered from Auburn University Book Store at a cost of $15.00 plus shipping and handling. Taxes may apply.

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Charlene LeBelu (co-editor & co-author)
Rebecca ONeal Dagg
Dr. Carla Jackson Bell
Dan Ballard (MLA thesis 2011)
Domini Cunningham (2010 CELA Paper)
Judd Langham, 2D Studio, LLC (2007 MLA Alumnus)
Bob Wilkerson, 2D Studio, LLC (2000 MLA Alumnus)
















Non-Faculty Author(s): 
Dan Ballard, Domini Cunningham, Judd Langham, Bob Wilkerson
Publication Date: