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ARIA Students Propose Restoration of Elba Theatre

This spring, students in fourth-year Interior Architecture were invited by the non-profit Restoration 154 ( to imagine possibilities to restore the historic Elba Theatre. The theater is imagined to be reborn as place for the community and tourists. From their website: “Restoration 154 is breathing new life into Elba, AL with 154 projects aimed at fostering community, attracting tourism, and spurring growth.” So, the Elba Theatre is just one piece of a larger restoration effort.

Before designing, students measured the existing building and participated in a community workshop organized by Lord Aeck Sargent. During the workshop, the citizens of Elba imagined the theater to host films as well as a range of other community meetings and banquets. A further ambition of the studio, led by Assistant Professor Kevin Moore, was to conceive the theater as an “illuminated interior” that fuses sound and vision into a definition of space.

The sixteen proposals can loosely be categorized as adaptable interiors with retractable seating; single multi-purpose rooms; large objects inserted into a larger volume; or projects immediately identifiable as theaters. Further details include adjustable furniture, lighting and curtains for a variety of events and reverberation time calculations as a method to fine-tune materials and patterns of interior surfaces.

Students presented their proposals in the Elba Theatre ( and prepared a booklet documenting the work. Restoration 154 recently used the drawings and models from the studio.

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