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APLA Welcomes 2015 Visiting Scholars


For many years APLA has hosted visiting scholars from international universities. Visiting scholars typically spend six-to-twelve months on campus researching a variety of topics and interacting with our students and faculty. Over the last few years the number of visiting scholars in APLA and the CADC has increased significantly, and the opportunities that spring from these visits have led to new student exchange programs, research partnerships, and recruiting initiatives. Visiting scholars also bring intriguing and diverse perspectives to our classrooms and help prepare our students for life in a global economy. This year we have several visiting scholars with us. Here’s a look as our guests this fall and spring:

Dr. Emine Görgül
Associate Professor

Emine Görgül is an associate professor and vice-chair in Istanbul Technical University-ITU Department of Interior Architecture. She has received her B.Sc. (1999), M.Sc. (2002) and Ph.D. (2013) degrees from ITU on Architecture and Architectural Theory and Criticism.  Her master thesis has focused on Deconstructivism and Avant-Garde Theory, while dismantling the AG behavioral tone in Deconstruvtivism. Yet her Ph.D. thesis entitled "Space as a Becoming: a Discussion on Transfiguring Ontology of Space and Emergence of Spatial Mediators" has also focused on the space as an open-ended dynamic embodiment, and examined the architectural space through a Deleuzian context.

She was a visiting scholar in DSD-TU Delft, a visiting teacher at Architectural Association-London and invited studio critic in Hong Kong University-School of Architecture, and visiting faculty in Auburn University-Alabama.  She has been the chair of "Deleuze Studies Conference Istanbul 2014," and the founder of the ITU Deleuze Studies Reading Group-İstanbul. She has been also keynote presenters of III. Deleuze Studies Asia Conference-Manipal and 2014 Deleuze Conference in Lima.

She experiments alternative ways of teaching design and creativity through her architectural and interior architectural studios at both undergraduate and graduate levels and has authored numerous articles and book chapters both in Turkish and in English, on design theory and criticism as well as design education and innovative interventions. She has been recently nominated to be included in World Who’s Who Index for 2015 volume.

Zeng  Hongli 
Associate Professor

Zeng Hongli serves as associate professor of the School of Landscape Architecture at Beijing Forestry University, where she has been a member of the faculty since 1992. She is a visiting scholar at Auburn University from February 2015 until February 2016. Zeng Hongli mainly engages in study of landscape architecture education and culture. Her research fields include comprehensive planning and design of sustainable architecture and sites for landscape, ecological landscape recreation, inheriting and developing traditional Chinese landscape architecture. She writes articles for professional magazines and has chaired or participated in more than 30 design and research projects.