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APLA Professor Contributes to Exhibit at Harvard Graduate School of Design

Prof. Robert Sproull, in collaboration with Ernesto Bilbao (Co-designer 50% contribution) developed a winning entry for an international design competition held by the city of Quito, Ecuador in 2008 that requested design solutions for the conversion of the local international airport into a park. Prof. Sproull’s team developed the Parque Bicentenario (formerly known as Parque del Lago), a design solution that establishes a planning strategy for this conversion that will eventually result in an urban green space that is on the same scale as New York City’s Central Park. Competition organizers received 296 entries from over 50 countries with the intent of selecting portion of each and reorganizing all of them into a single design. At the conclusion of the competition it was decided that this single entry would serve as the basis for the master plan to be implemented. The airport relocated in April of 2013, and the former site is officially now a park. The total conversion is expected to take decades.

Currently this project is featured as part of an exhibit called, “Airport Landscape Urban Ecologies in the Aerial Age” at the Harvard Graduate School of Design in Cambridge, Massachusetts. The exhibit is curated by Charles Waldheim and Sonja Duempelmann, and is scheduled from October 30-December 19, 2013.

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