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APLA Home Re-Imagined –the Future of Dudley Hall

Dudley Redesign booklet

In spring 2012, a group of architecture students spent the semester studying different opportunities for renovating and adding onto Dudley Hall and Commons. The studio, directed by Professor Christian Dagg, did not approach this assignment as purely an aesthetic issue, but as a restrained exercise that needed to engage site analysis, master planning, program accommodation and financing.

"I felt it was very important for students to be aware of the breadth of decisions that have to be made on a building project before architects are ever brought into the process," said Professor Dagg. By asking the students to interview the CADC School Heads, the Dean and representatives from the Office of the University Architect, students were exposed to the larger process by which projects are realized, especially for an institution as complicated as a University.

The results of the studio have been published in a booklet that includes the research from the semester and a series of student developed schemes. The students discovered that Dudley Hall, despite its appearance, was still in reasonably good shape and flexible enough to be easily renovated. When studied from the point of view of the University Master Plan, the current building site represents one of the most desirable locations on campus. Finally, any proposal for a new Studio building—be it for Architecture or Graphic Design— needs to have an exterior image that reflects the activity of studio.


Publication Date: 
May, 2012