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APLA Faculty and Students Exhibit Work in Research Week’s Creative Scholarship Showcase

Research Week's Creative  Scholarship Showcase

Twenty-five of the nearly forty creative research projects exhibited by the College of Architecture, Design and Construction (CADC) at the Research Week 2014 Creative Scholarship SHOWCASE in April were produced by School of Architecture, Planning and Landscape Architecture (APLA) faculty, graduate and undergraduate students.  From Sheri Schumacher’s exploration of “Cultivated Landscapes” in cloth to David Hill’s “Phenology” photographs, the depth, breadth and beauty of APLA creative research is, as Karen Rogers, CADC Associate Dean for Research, describes it, “absolutely stunning.”  

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This year the Research Week 2014 Creative Scholarship Committee, representing the Colleges of Architecture, Design and Construction, Human Sciences and Liberal Arts, came up with the idea of a “showcase” to better display the creative research generated by Auburn faculty and students. As Rogers explains, “In general, research is understood as it’s related to the sciences, but creative research is just as much about discipline and rigor as this SHOWCASE demonstrates. It is technical and beautiful. We make beautiful things that actually do something.”

Student work from the School of Architecture, Planning and Landscape Architecture chosen for exhibition included:

  • National Organization of Minority Architects 2013 Student Competition, mixed media
    • Students: Byung Choe, George Criminale, Sarah Curry, Jason Groomes, Yubei Hu, Cordetrus Johnson, Tina Maceri, Jack Mok, Claudia Paz-Melendez, Alex Thierren, Taiwai Wang, Valecia Wilson and Torrance Wong
    • Faculty advisors: Kevin Moore, Margaret Fletcher, Nathan Foust, Carla Bell
  • Differential Motion Parallax, ink on vellum
    • Student: Peter McInish
    • Interior Architecture
    • Faculty advisor: Kevin Moore
  • Atlanta Mediatheque, mixed media on paper
    • Student: Thomas Wales
    • Interior Architecture
  • Urban Healthcare—Birmingham Super Clinic, mixed media
    • Students: Stephen Bianchi, Dawson Bowers, Richard Bryant, Bruce Buescher, Carlos Hernandez, Callie, Eitzen, Anne Johnson, Michael Lewandowski, Margaret Scott, Trent Tepool, Alexander Therrien and Kevin Thompson
    • Fourth Year Architecture Studio
    • Faculty Advisors: Kevin Moore, Rebecca O’Neal Dagg, Scott Finn, Tarik Orgen and Jeff Collins
  • 20K House, mixed media
    • Rural Studio

    Fauna of the Cahaba River, ink on paper
               Student: Matthew Blansit

    • Landscape Architecture

    Sound Therapy, digital montage

    • Student: Maria Hines
    • Landscape Architecture

    Fluxity: the In-Between Terrain, cardboard, ink and other materials

    • Student: Felipe Palacios
    • Landscape Architecture

    Plant Intimacy, mixed media

    • Student: Drake Reeder
    • Landscape Architecture

    Auburn Oaks and Toomer’s Corner, ink on paper

    • Students: Doug Bacon and Ivan Vanchev
    • Integrated Design & Construction
    • Faculty Advisor: Becki Retzlaff

Faculty work from the School of Architecture, Planning and Landscape Architecture chosen for the Creative Scholarship Showcase included:

  • The Objects of Landscape Architecture, inkwash and ink on paper
    • Rod Barnett, Landscape Architecture
  • Site of Exchange, found objects of different sizes and materiality
    • Rod Barnett, Landscape Architecture and Paul Cullen, School of Art and Design, AUT University, New Zealand
  • Alabama Workshop[s], offset printing on paper
    • Robert Finkel, Graphic Design, and Sheri Schumacher, Interior Architecture
  • OCUS 11 ante litteram (gzig 3:4 and brevis 1:5), encaustic and dry transfer on braced panel
    • Margaret Fletcher, Architecture
  • Animated Inquiry of the Physical Construct and Anamorphic Projections, photography and video
    • Margaret Fletcher, Architecture
  • Obstructures, installation, mixed media
    • Matt Hall, Architecture
  • Material Harvest and Reuse, photography, concrete and asphalt
    • David Hill, Landscape Architecture
  •  Phenology, photography
    • David Hill, Landscape Architecture
  • Spatial Sequence in the Jewett Art Center, ink on vellum
    • Kevin Moore with Iain Shriver, Interior Architecture
  • Drawings of Jelaluddin Rumi Poems, charcoal on paper
    • Behzhad Nakhjavan, Architecture Program
  • Cultivated Landscape, cloth
    • Sheri Schumacher, Interior Architecture