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55th Annual Alagasco Competition

Alagasco 2016

Fourth-year architecture celebrated the end of Fall 2016 with the 55th annual Alagasco competition. This year's challenge was to design 50 units of market rate housing with a 25-room hotel in downtown Mobile.

Led by professors Christian Dagg, Il Kim, and Kevin Moore, the project investigated two of the three Long-Term Action Items from recently released Map for Mobile: Framework for Growth. First, the project was considered part of an interconnected stormwater system. With 67 inches of total annual rainfall, Mobile is the rainiest city in America. Second, the studio developed options for mixed-use residential at the core of this historic city. With 63 percent of Mobile residents living in one or two-person households, a dense urban core—increasingly attractive to young professionals and retirees—makes good sense.

The jury included Shirley Fung from S/L/A/M Collaborative, Charlton Lewis from the University of Texas at Austin, Gregory Walker from Houser Walker Architecture and professor Magdalena Garmaz. A shortlist of finalists presented their projects to the class, and the jurors explained their final selections. The panel was impressed with the complexity of the project and the adherence to urban design principles developed in the initial district plan.

Five of the twelve finalists were students visiting for a semester from Istanbul Technical University (ITU). Two of these students won First and Second Place. Ilkaz Samur won First Place with complex across from St. Francis Church that carefully terraces apartments around an interior garden. Cansel Özkam won Second Place with a perimeter block adjacent to the Scottish Rite Temple that defines a formal street and an animated courtyard. Third Place was awarded to Frank McDaniel for a scheme that creates a generous courtyard alley. Honorable Mentions were also awarded to Zack Cundey, Walker Waughtal and Berke Kalemoglu. Awards were made possible by generous support from Alagasco.